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The goal of Navigo’s Staff Wellbeing team is to develop a robust yet evolving staff wellbeing service that achieves a ‘climate of stability’ for staff to grow and flourish, both mentally and physically. Leading us to a workforce who are resilient, proactive, capable and happy in providing services that we would be happy for our families to use. We have approximately 550 staff with an additional 300 ‘bank’ staff which includes mental health nurses, advanced practitioners, doctors, social workers and IT and administrative staff who work tirelessly to provide care to often vulnerable and severely unwell service users.

Highly Commended - #MHAwards19


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Please briefly describe your project, group, team or service, outlining what you do and why it makes a difference.

The goal of Navigo’s Staff Wellbeing team is to develop a robust yet evolving staff wellbeing service that achieves a ‘climate of stability’ for staff to grow and flourish, both mentally and physically. Leading us to a workforce who are resilient, proactive, capable and happy in providing services that we would be happy for our families to use. We have approximately 550 staff with an additional 300 ‘bank’ staff which includes mental health nurses, advanced practitioners, doctors, social workers and IT and administrative staff who work tirelessly to provide care to often vulnerable and severely unwell service users. To achieve our aims we provide individual, holistic care to all staff in Navigo, working in partnership with internal and external services to provide the best care to our staff. We evaluate our progress by the use of staff surveys and on-going engagement with our workforce, supervisors, managers and our membership representatives. Based on the feedback and information we receive we continually develop strategies providing both physical and mental health and wellbeing support to every member of the Navigo ‘family’. NAViGO’s staff wellbeing team is made up of a range of individuals from across the organisation with a shared interest in staff wellbeing including: • Occupational Health • Therapist • Holistic Therapies • Management • Workforce Trainers • Communications and Marketing The staff wellbeing team has been in place for the past 3years and continues to grow and develop reflecting NAViGO’s commitment to our staff wellbeing.


What makes your service stand out from others? Please provide an example of this.

Navigo’s primary aim is to provide a safe, well led and nurturing environment for staff to feel supported and who are encouraged to take care of their own health to the standards they provide to their service users. Staff Wellbeing leads have completely embodied the holistic message to respect each and every staff members individual needs which has enabled staff to access help whenever needed, not just 9-5 ‘business’ hours. • For example we provide; 24 hour access to an employment assistance programme signposting to support services including our in house Occupational Health service • Complementary therapies provided by a therapies team employed by Navigo Financial advice and support • Housing support and family support services • Onsite fitness classes • Beauty Treatments working in collaboration with our local college • Wellbeing Road Shows • Life coaching • And even access to Sailing therapies! All staff upon commencement of their role attend induction training. This includes information about the Health and Wellbeing services available to staff and how to access the service. Our Occupational Health Nurse attend the induction to provide a ‘face’ for staff to recognise and so they feel more able to approach whenever necessary.


All managers reinforce this information so it becomes a normal process for staff. Managers lead by example and reinforce positive mental and physical health practices and are open about their own ways of using the wellbeing services. Occupational Health support for Staff Wellbeing – Following a period of transition, Navigo recognised the need for a full time In House Occupational Health Advisor. A person who is accessible to all staff, who is approachable and visible within the company. Systems have been developed for Self-Referrals to be available so any member of staff can access services and support regardless of their manager’s involvement. This enables staff to discuss their health with a trained Registered Nurse who has over 30 years’ experience including chronic disease and long term physical and mental health conditions. Post Traumatic Debriefing Sessions – Working within a mental health setting can often lead to stressful physical and mentally challenging situations for staff. In order to support staff through these situations, managers now have access to Occupational Health who can then arrange Debriefing sessions including relaxation, mindfulness and complementary therapies. This builds a team who feel valued and able to openly and honestly talk about difficult situations they have experienced at work. NAVIGATE Sailing Therapies – Staff are able to access Sailing therapies through Occupational health to help with managing stress. Sailing has been shown to relieve and provide positive effects on mental health. Staff and their families are now also able to access these services through an individual referral through Occupational Health. Stress Risk Assessment as standard practice – Navigo has recognised that Stress impacts ALL staff, be it work related or personal or a combination of the two. Our Occupational Health team encourage all managers to use the HSE Stress Assessment tool to promote proactive action rather than dealing in a reactive situation. This tool is currently being debated with our Clinical Governance Team to use this as a mandatory assessment of all members of staff’s supervision meetings.


Any member of staff with Mental Health or Stress issues are invited to meet with Occupational Health for further one to one support. Carers support – Our Pre-Employment medical Questionnaire has been adapted to identify all staff who may be carer’s. Additional responsibility both physically and mentally impact staffs wellbeing if they also have an external caring responsibility. As Navigo acknowledge the impact this has, we are now able to refer staff to Carer’s support services who provide individually moulded care services for all of our staff who are carer’s to ensure they maintain their physical and mental health status and are aware of and access all support that is available to them as a carer. Employment Assistance Programme – The Confidential Careline is an independent, free and confidential advice service provided by NAViGO for ALL staff. It provides practical advice, emotional support for work or personal issues and can offer expert guidance on everyday matters, legal and tax advice, debt and financial management, family care, counselling and emotional support. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Freedom to Speak Champion –

The role of Freedom to speak up guardian (FTSU) was appointed in Navigo in November 2017 after a nomination process by staff; the short listed candidates were then interviewed and the successful candidate was appointed. FTSU has three components: improving and protecting patient safety; improving and supporting staff experience; and visually leading and promoting learning cultures that embrace continual improvement. In the last 12 months this service has achieved the following actions • Staff notified via email re FTSU Guardian Appointment • Posters sent out by communications to all areas • Team meeting attended to introduce FTSU role • Navigo whistleblowing/ speaking up policy review exercise completed • FTSU/ whistleblowing information added to induction and spoken about on mandatory training. Any issues raised during these sessions are then actively followed up • Local induction process updated • Inequality identified in ways staff issues are managed as regards to caring responsibilities and policy is being reviewed as a result • Liaising with staff and community reps ( some of which work shifts and nights so the FTSU message gets through to the hard to reach groups) • Listening exercises held throughout the organisation. • Signposting to internal structures/ reporting mechanisms Navigo IAPT services (Improving Access to Psychological therapies) are available to ALL staff so they have immediate access to; either self-referral or via a referral through Occupational health.


We also have trained Cancer Champions who are available to ALL staff to provide additional support for any member of staff diagnosed with cancer and undergoing cancer treatment. These champions contact details are directly available on our weekly Staff Bulletin Newsletter. Reiki and Mindfulness sessions – Navigo financially support any staff member who wishes to undertake Reiki and Mindfulness training; these staff are then encouraged to provide these services within their team to fellow staff members. This helps staff manage their own mental health and that of their colleagues, building a resilient and ‘equipped’ workforce. Complimentary therapies – ALL staff are able to access our own ‘in-house’ complementary therapy services. Following an individual assessment by the Occupational health advisor staff can access up to 5 sessions during a particularly acute health crisis and then plan long term therapies to help manage long term health conditions.


How do you ensure an effective, safe, compassionate and sustainable workforce?

Here at Navigo we have an extensive team of wellbeing champions across all 10 sites. Our wellbeing champions attend our monthly wellbeing meetings and discuss any area’s that have been highlighted by staff within working areas. Staff feedback is taken very seriously and we attempt to implement any activities and support mechanisms that have been suggested. Past Wellbeing events have included ‘It’s a knockout’ and Fitness Fridays where staff are involved with improving physical fitness and team building. We have recently implemented a ‘Walk the World’ event to encourage physical activity which research has shown improves mental and general wellbeing. We are currently planning a ‘Wellbeing Roadshow’ that will be launched in July to take wellbeing services across all sites within Navigo providing health checks, complementary therapies, relaxation techniques, reiki, laughter yoga, Mindfulness workshops, counselling and resilience training, men’s health and menopause drop in sessions. Managers are involved from the very beginning to lead again by example and ensure all staff have the time, ability and confidence to access the Roadshow activities.

Throughout the year, our Occupational Health team undertake visits across all sites within the Navigo Teams to provide wellness checks including blood pressure and cholesterol checks with bespoke advice and education appropriate to staff needs. In July, our Occupational Health Advisor is holding an event at our central site for staff to attend education sessions, and demonstrations, but with a fun filled theme to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. A Breast Care Nurse Specialist from our local General Hospital is attending this event to provide demonstrations and advice on breast examination to all staff who wish to attend; Breast Cancer Care are providing a speaker for the event to raise awareness and we have a local Bra Specialist Service who will provide education sessions on appropriate bra fitting. Supervision – All staff are provided with protected time for clinical and wellbeing ‘supervision’. Clinical reflective practice is encouraged to help staff process any difficult situations and to promote good working practices. This is an opportunity for all managers and supervisors to encourage an ‘open discussion’ regarding their general wellbeing and encourage staff to access the wellbeing services on offer within Navigo. Our Occupational Health Advisor is provided with external supervision to ensure she is supported clinically and for her general wellbeing. There are no other members of staff within her speciality and we felt it was essential to support her practices and wellbeing in such an important role.


Who is in your team?

Polly Barber – Occupational Health Advisor – Band 6 – 1.0WTE Ellie Walsh – Assistant Director – Adult Acute Mental Health Services –Band 8B – 1.0 WTE Cazzie Adams – Activity Coordinator, Harrison House – Band 3 – 1.0 WTE Fran Allison – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Open Minds – Band 5 – 0.93 WTE Claire Byatt – Clinical Team Secretary, Harrison House (Minute Taker) – Band 3 – 1.0 WTE Anna Morgan – Head of Business Development, Navigo House – Band 8B – 0.8 WTE Amy Quickfall – Assistant Manager, Navigo House – Band 6 -1.0WTE


How do you work with the wider system?

Navigo works with The Trainee Nurse Associate (TNA) Partnership group was set up approximately 3yrs ago to enable us to make a bid to Health Education England for funding to develop, introduce and implement the TNA training Programme. The Chair of the partnership who works for the predominant organisation Hull and East Yorkshire Trust). The group still meets on a monthly basis and contributes substantially to the evidence and evaluation of information we need to feed back to justify the funding. We work closely with the university to ensure placements are appropriate and we provide specific placements for each organisation within our own organisations. NAViGO provides Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training for the TNA’s without any costs other than purchasing the MHFA manual. Our Whise Team refer into several organisations outside of Navigo.

This service is offered to all staff as well as Service Users and frequently refer into community dieticians, smoking cessation and the community dentist. The dentist in particular have a service which is specific to mental health and learning difficulties, additionally for those who are very scared/anxious about the dentist full stop. Staff can also be referred to and ad-action (local Alcohol support services). Navigo have volunteers from a range of avenues, employability placements, students to people wanting meaningful occupation of their time. All placements are based primarily on what the volunteer wants to do and what they enjoy so they get the most out of their experiences. They have one to one support, team meetings and peer support available to help them develop, share ideas and share experiences from the roles available across our organisation.


Do you use co-production approaches?



Do you share your work with others? If so, please tell us how.

Our Occupational Health Advisor works closely with external services including employment specialists who may be supporting staff in certain situations. This ensures consistency and an open, honest service which enables staff to receive the very best of support. One of our Wellbeing champions works within our Open Minds services and also acts as mediator and stress management educator for staff who may be struggling with mental health issues within the workplace. He has also worked closely with local factories and has facilitated the implementation of our mental health in the workplace workshops that promotes the examples we demonstrate within the Navigo Workforce. Ellie Walsh has recently co-chaired a staff wellbeing event for PPiMH in London which was well attended, also planning to have a PPIMH staff wellbeing forum later in the year.



What outcome measures are collected, how do you use them and how do they demonstrate improvement?

Audit of Health Checks available through Occupational Health are undertaken yearly and compared to previous years; comments and feedback are discussed at wellbeing meetings. Audit of referrals to Occupational health is undertaken to assess trends and possible area’s that may need further support strategies putting in place. Audit findings for 2018 Occupational Health referrals demonstrated that 43% of referrals were due to mental health or work related stress. 20% were due to Musculoskeletal problems and 14 % were due to staff managing long term health conditions. This information was then shared at senior managers meetings and board meetings which has prompted further strategies to improve Staff Wellbeing.


Has your service been evaluated (by peer or academic review)?

We have an upcoming CQC inspection and intend to share all of the work with the inspectors.


How will you ensure that your service continues to deliver good mental health care?

Senior Management and leadership members are supportive and actively promote mental health initiatives for staff wellbeing within Navigo. Our staff wellbeing lead founded our wellbeing meetings and provided an opportunity for our passionate group of wellbeing champions to take things forward within Navigo. We have now developed the foundations for a bespoke programme of wellbeing services that ALL staff have access to. We have ongoing events planned throughout the year and take suggestions from staff to incorporate a core of wellbeing values that we consider essential to creating a workplace that staff value. More recently Navigo has employed a Business development manager whose ethos is that before we provide external Staff Wellbeing services to local companies, we strive to put the BEST services and strategies into place for OUR staff – to lead by example and show how it CAN and IS done well.


What aspects of your service would you share with people who want to learn from you?

We aim to be the showcase for staff wellbeing strategies and we encourage local services at wellness events to learn from us. We have learnt to actively LISTEN to what staff want, rather than what we THINK they want from our services. That is an early lesson to learn! Gathering information directly from Staff at team meetings has enabled our Wellbeing services to identify WHAT our staff would like to see as part of our Wellbeing strategy.



How many people do you see?

Occupational Health (OH) Statistics: OH receives Self and Management Referrals and is open to ALL staff to access. Staff Wellbeing, both physically and mentally are addressed in OH reviews which is essential in maintaining a happy and healthy workforce. In 2018 OH received 123 referrals; 26% of which were due to Mental Health conditions, 17% were due to Work Related Stress which has alerted us to work harder to help address these issues and improve our mental health within our workforce.


How do people access the service?

ALL staff are invited to our monthly Staff Wellbeing meetings which are advertised in our weekly news bulletin via email. ALL staff are able to Self-Refer to Occupational Health and to access Complementary Therapies in house. ALL staff are able to be referred by their manager to Occupational Health. All forms are easily accessible on our computer system and direct links to OH are also included in the weekly news bulletin via email. OH is available for direct access for advice and support between 8-4 Monday to Friday – this is also advertised in the weekly news bulletin.


How long do people wait to start receiving care?

All referrals are triaged by our Occupational Health Advisor and prioritised accordingly. Staff can be seen within 24 hours if required.


How do you ensure you provide timely access?

All referrals are triaged by our Occupational Health Advisor and prioritised accordingly. Staff can be seen within 24 hours if required. All staff are able to attend an appointment within works time and this is assured by managers.


How do you identify the needs of a person using the service (such as their physical, psychological and social needs)?

PHQ-9 GAD score Individual assessment – one to one


What support do you offer families and carers? (where family/carers are not the service users)

NAViGO has designated Carers support within the service. All new staff completes a Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire which now has an area to identify if staff are carers. Any staff wishing support can access the Carers Assessor within Navigo who can then assess and offer bespoke services for that individual. This information is also provided with their new employment pack and during induction training.



Commissioner and providers

Commissioned by (e.g. name of local authority, CCG, NHS England): North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG) and NHS England (Rharian Fields and Liaison & Diversion Teams)

Provided by (e.g. name of NHS trust) or your organisation: NAViGO Health and Social Care CIC. NAViGO is a not for profit social enterprise formed in 2011 under the Right to Request Agenda. The whole of mental health services in N E Lincolnshire transferred out of the NHS yet is still the preferred provider to the NHS delivering both statutory and a range of innovative additional services in N E Lincolnshire. Becoming a social enterprise has allowed the organisation the autonomy to develop innovative projects. Any surplus made by working smarter is re-invested to improve services for local people.


Population details

Brief description of population (e.g. urban, age, socioeconomic status):

Whilst the general direction of travel for the locality is around improving the environment and perception of the area, N E Lincolnshire does have pockets of high deprivation, ranking high on the IMDO (Index of Multiple Deprivation). An example, East and West Marsh, two Wards within the North East Lincolnshire Council area, now rank in the top 1% deprived sub-areas nationally. As a result of the deprivation there are long standing health inequalities with those in the more deprived areas dying on average 8 – 10 years before those in the most affluent. According to the National Office of Statistics, around 18.46% of the population have some sort of emotional disorder.


Size of population and localities covered: North East Lincolnshire is a small unitary authority covering an area of 192km2 with a population of around 159,000. The majority of the resident population (around 94.2%) live in the urban towns of Grimsby and Cleethorpes with the remainder living in the smaller town of Immingham, or in surrounding rural villages.

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