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The hub, alongside some help from other tier 3 services help develop and upskill adult practitioners to support the all age liaison service at the hospital


  • From start: No
  • During process: Yes
  • In evaluation: Yes


  • Peer: No
  • Academic: No
  • PP Collaborative: Yes

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What We Did

The hub, alongside some help from other tier 3 services help develop and upskill adult practitioners to support the all age liaison service at the hospital. This was a very difficult transition and meant that staff on both sides found this difficult. However the hub staff, particularly Ben Lea worked tirelessly with the adult liaison team, teaching and guiding the adult staff about how to undertake child and adolescent assessment, develop knowledge bases of child developments, consent processes, CAMHS pathways etc. Ben and the hub managed to develop the service to a point where children and young people were having holistic and helpful assessments within A&E and liaison services by adult trained staff. Ben’s patience, responsiveness and manner enabled this development to work well and ensure that children and young people had the right service coming through the doors of A&E


Wider Active Support

Ben and the Hub were able to work with support networks within tier 3 CAMHS such as the nurse consultant and other experts within tier 3 camhs and the hub to help disseminate knowledge, skills and training. There was a wider operational support both internally from north Staffordshire combined healthcare but also from UHNM (University Hospital of North Midlands) where the A&E sat. Ben worked with the childrens wards and the A&E staff to ensure smooth pathways for children, young people and families.



There was co production with the children, young people and families that were using the liaison services, this was from a qualitative nature but also from the CYP IAPT date set feedback


Looking Back/Challenges Faced

There were lots of challenges as it was a new way of working that needed to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people. However With Ben’s patience and tenacity, this was embedded to the best of his ability. It would have been helpful to have more support, and more knowledge base sat within the teams to ensure that the culture of working with children and young people was more embedded before Ben and the hub left the liaison service for this to be led by the all age liaison service.



This is continually reviewed to ensure that the best service is available for children and young people accessing A& E services.


Evaluation (Peer or Academic)

Yes through CYP-IAPT data set



using CYP-IAPT data set and through MHSDS feedback



Yes through trust communication and other award nominations


Is there any other information you would like to add?

Ben and the hub and undertaken and amazing piece of work to ensure the best service available is embedded within the service


Can you please tell us who your service is commissioned by and provided by?

Staffordshire and stoke on Trent CCG. and North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

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